DIY Chained Triple Rings

Anyone who knows me well enough will know a few of my secrets – one of which being my slight obsession with knuckleduster rings. Yes it’s true, with the number of knuckleduster rings I own; I would need another 10 hands to be able to wear them all at once. So, the cat’s out of the bag – I love finger bling (I know this couldn’t have been too much of a secret though!) I love them so much that I even got stopped at London Heathrow’s security check because my ring (which was in my bag) came up on the X-ray machine. This poor older gentleman was tasked with having to rummage through my bag to find the source of the questionable X-rayed image and ladies out there, I’m sure you can relate – our bags carry stuff! Especially bags we travel with and take on a long haul flight. Finally, after what I’m sure felt like an age to this poor security check guy, he had to ask me “Sorry luv, not that I think you’d be the type, but do you have anything in your bag that might look like a knuckleduster weapon in the X-ray machine?” 

Yes!! Yes I do!! And I have another 10 pairs back at home!!

Obsession doesn’t even begin to describe what my relationship with rings (especially knuckledusters) is.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to DIY projects, I just jump at the opportunity to create more finger bling. However, because of my burgeoning knuckleduster collection, I decided to make a triple ring with a twist. Instead of welding the rings together to make a knuckleduster, I decided to chain them together. This project is both bold and elegant – these rings are a lovely accessory that can go with everything from casual to smart.

What you need:

  • 3 rings – all with small ring hinges attached
  • Small metal ring links
  • Thin metal chain – cut into 8 one inch pieces
  • Pliers
How to:
  • The rings that I bought have two rows of 4 ring hinges attached to each ring. Using pliers, I twisted off 4 ring hinges (two off the top and the two directly underneath) from two of the rings. Leave one ring with all 4 ring hinges, i.e. two rings will have 2 pairs of ring hinges, one ring will have 4 pairs.
  • Use the pliers to hook one end of one of the chain pieces onto one of the ring links.

  • Hook and close the ring link through one of the ring hinges (on the ring with only 2 pairs of ring hinges left). Repeat this with all chain pieces, be sure to hook them onto the two rings with 2 pairs of ring hinges. Leave the one ring with 4 pairs of ring hinges free for now. 
  • Once all the chains are attached to the ring hinges, lay the rings out in order of how they’re going to be worn:
    The ring without chains should be in the middle. On the left; the ring should have its hinges on the left. On the right; the ring should have its hinges on the right.
  • Now, use the pliers to hook one of the chains on to a ring link and attach it to the corresponding ring hinge on the middle ring. Repeat with all the chains until the rings are all chained together.
So it must be said, whilst this project does not involve a lot of different materials or steps, it is quite dexterous, so keep patient and it’ll pay off. Granted, I had to turn the AC on full blast and play soothing background music to prevent myself from blowing up with frustration!
Happy DIY-ing!

xoxo   V. 

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