DIY Antique Coin Necklace

Sorry for being a little quiet of late – I was lucky enough to have had a wonderful trip over Easter to the paradise that is Bali. I definitely considered “going bamboo” but obviously had to return, if anything, to update this blog with new & fantastic DIY projects I’ve done recently! So I hope you all had as lovely an Easter break as I did, but for now – welcome back to reality!

As some of you may know – I take a lot of inspiration from other fabulous DIY websites such as “A Pair & A Spare”, “Honestly WTF”, “PS I Made This” and my personal favourite “Runway DIY”. I previously blogged about a Feathered Box Clutch that I did after seeing the wonderful Arianna over at Runway DIY blog about it, now I have taken inspiration from her again and put my spin on her “DIY Washer Necklace”. I love mixing hardware metal in with my accessories and after seeing this necklace I just couldn’t resist trying this out for myself. However, instead of using washers, I decided to put an Asian twist on things and use beautiful antique chinese coins (which I had bought from a market stall and up until now had no idea what I was going to do with them).

What you need:

  • Chinese coins (or washers if you follow Runway DIY’s version) – be sure that they have a hole in the middle
  • 0.5″ width Grosgrain ribbon (you can adjust how long you want your necklace to be – I used about 1.5 yards; thus leaving enough to cut off once I was done)

How to:

  • Thread ribbon up and through the first coin, leaving at least 6″ of ribbon on the left side.

  • Thread the ribbon over and through the second coin.

  • Thread the ribbon back through the first coin’s hole, pull the ribbon tight so the coins lie flat, overlapping each other.

  • Thread the ribbon back through the gap in the second coin’s hole.

  • Repeat steps 2-5 until you’re finished!

And there you go! So easy and very versatile – I’m sensing a trend with most of my DIY projects…Thank you to Runway DIY for the inspiration and tutorial.

Happy DIYing everyone!

xoxo   V.

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