DIY Double Chained Rings

I saw a picture of Angelina Jolie wearing a “Made Her Think” Double Band Chain Ring way back in 2007 at the Clinton Global Initiative and thought to myself, “not only is it elegant but also looks like it’d be pretty easy to make for myself”. Turns out – it was incredibly easy and quick to DIY-duplicate it.

It’s a versatile jewellery piece as it goes with pretty much everything and it can be dressed up or dressed down. Plus, if it’s good enough for AJ then it’s definitely good enough for me!


What you need:

  • Two rings (one smaller than the other) with small ring-hinges on the side
  • 4 small metal connector links
  • Thin metal chain (cut into 2 pieces, just over an inch in length)
  • Small plier
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Using the scissors cut the metal chain into two equal lengths (about an inch depending on the length of your finger)
  • Using the pliers, slightly open one of the metal connector links, hook one end of one of the lengths of chain onto the open end of the link.

  • Keep the link open and hook it onto one of the ring’s side ring-hinge. Carefully make sure both the chain and ring-hinge are hooked onto the connector link – using the pliers, close up the link. (This is the most dexterous part of the project, it can be a bit frustrating but a little bit of patience will pay off) 
  • Repeat on the other ring hinge so that both chains are hanging down

  • Using the pliers, hook another connector link through the other end of the chain, then hook the same link onto the other ring’s ring-hinge and close up the link, thus connecting the two rings together.
  • Repeat with the remaining chain.

And there you go, with a little time and a little patience – you’ll have a gorgeous little jewellery piece to suit any occasion!

Happy DIY-ing!

xoxo      V.

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