DIY Feathered Clutch

I came across this awesome clutch bag on (whose website I must add, is completely inspiring and one I’ve definitely become a regular visitor of) and decided that I just had to make it too. I’m a complete magpie so anything sparkly, brightly coloured or feathered just captures my imagination and attention. What I found with this project, was that it was so easy to make and (depending on what colour scheme you go for) can funk-ify pretty much any outfit! I debuted my clutch with a black shorts-suit outfit; it was incredibly eye-catching and got plenty of comments!

What you need:

  •  A perspex rectangular box (make sure it has hinges)
  • 2 small packs of white feathers
  • 1 small pack of yellow feathers
  • 1 small pack of blue feathers
  • Glue gun

**Obviously you can substitute the colour of the feathers for whatever colour scheme you’d like
**Perspex box from “New Universe Co” 223A Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po
**Feathers from “J & J Imitation Jewellery Co” 215 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po

How To:

  • First, figure out what kind of pattern you want to have on your clutch by placing the feathers out on the box

  • After deciding on your pattern, use the hot glue to stick the feathers down onto the box. In this instance I started with the yellow feathers, then arranged the blue feathers around them. 
  • Once all the blue and yellow feathers have been stuck down in the pattern decided, begin sticking the white feathers on the remaining space on the box.
  • Once the glue has dried, trim the feathers around the edge of the box

I really love the bright colours of this clutch, perhaps it’s one of the ways I’m able to brighten my mood whilst I wait for spring. Either way, it was so easy to make and even easier to accessorize any outfit for a night out!

Happy DIY-ing!

xoxo    V.

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