Jewels Trinkets and Gems – Oh My!

I have fallen in jewellery-lust with the new Swarovski collection. It’s like these pieces came out of an enchanted forest. I love the pastel crystals paired with the quintessential Swarovski-bling look. It’s everything you’d want to get you out of this winter funk and help you step into spring. Quite a coincidence that as I’m typing this, the clouds and fog have parted and for the first time in about three weeks (if not more) we can see sunshine and blue sky! Whilst I’m praying that this weather isn’t short-lived, I have no doubt that these gorgeous jewel-encrusted morsels are going to prove to be incredibly popular!

Race you to the shops!

Some of my favourites: 


               Hyacinth Pastel Ring (HK$2,220)                                                Regency Ring (HK$1060)


Polly Silk Bracelet (HK$630)                                                 Rosette Bangle (HK$1740)


          Regency Ribbon Necklace (HK$4100)                                   Rosette Necklace (HK$1640)


             Rosette Long Earrings (HK$890)                                          Regency Earrings (HK$990)

Hyacinth Pastel Necklace (HK$5200)

Hope you guys like these gorgeous gems as much as I do! Off I go to indulge my shopoholic side!

xoxo   V.

(Photos belong to


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