DIY Raffia Bangles

At the risk of losing more brain cells, I’ve recently indulged in a spot of spray painting. Now, I’m not talking about engaging in a life of back-alley street art (I wish I had that talent), but instead I’ve been using spray paint in a few DIY projects. Recently I fell in love with these DIY bangles from Glitter & Pearls and A Pair and A Spare so decided to try it out for myself.

After acquiring a tangle of different types of raffia rope, I cut them into lengths and glued the ends together with a glue gun. At this point the ropes are bracelets but are still quite flimsy, in order to harden them into bangles there’s a further “gluing” step needed. Mix together white glue with a little bit of water (think back to when we made papier måché at school), paint the rope bracelets with the glue mixture and leave to dry. Once dried you can spray the bangles with whatever colour spray paint you like. The great thing about these rope bangles is that they absorb the paint easily so won’t need more than two coats of paint. Leave to dry and they’re ready to wear!

                              *Gold                                                        *Mixed with one of my favourite trends: Neon

xoxo   V.

Posted in: DIY

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