DIY Chunky Rings

I really love accessories, probably a little too much – it’s bordering on obsession really. With the amount of costume jewellery I’ve accumulated over the years, I would need to grow a couple dozen more fingers to wear all my rings at once (which I obviously would not do – not very chic nor sensible) and if I were to wear all my necklaces/chains/bling all at once I would very much resemble Mr. T or Flava Flav (definitely not chic nor sensible – just imagine the weight…and the sight!) That being said, I am still not deterred from accumulating more accessories – an addict is an addict after all! However, the immortality of fashion means that as much as possible you shouldn’t get rid of your accessories. Vintage fashion is example enough – the amount of money that people can and will spend on a piece of jewellery or pillbox hat from say the 1970s shows us that fashion never dies – trends are constantly reviving and as Yves St Laurent famously said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.

When I was younger, I used to collect semi-precious stones, however, now that I’m older the collection seemed to just sit hidden away in individually wrapped purses. I always thought some of the stones would look great as a chunky cocktail ring. I love chunky rings – they’re statement pieces and provide an instant boost of style that can work with almost any outfit. Recently I’ve discovered that one of a DIY-er’s best friend can easily be a hot glue gun; it was all I needed to make these chunky cocktail rings…well the hot glue gun in addition to the stones and rings base.

I bought a pack of rings from Sham Shui Po (almost any shop on Yu Chau Street will sell jewellery raw materials, on this occasion I bought the pack of rings from J & J Imitation Jewellery Co: 215 Yu Chau St, G/F, Sham Shui Po), picked out a couple of big semi-precious stones from my collection and then simply glued the ring base on the middle of the stone’s underside. All in all it took less than 10 minutes to make these rings – why not give it a try for yourself! You can easily pick up chunky stones or crystals from shops in Sham Shui Po (such as Accessory Republic Co. Ltd: G/F, 94C Pei Ho St, Sham Shui Po).

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.

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