A Couple of Cuffs

Almost fortnightly, I make the “trek” up to Sham Shui Po – quite possibly one of my favourite parts of Hong Kong. It’s a mecca for all things wholesale – you can acquire pretty much anything from fabric, leather and ribbon to holiday decorations, vintage electronics and kids toys. So much do I love Sham Shui Po that one of my aims for this month is to do a focus blog post on the district and everything Sham Shui Po has to offer. **Watch this space

I recently had a bit of a DIYing afternoon and finally made a few of my accessory projects so I’ve decided to share two of them here today. I can’t wait to wear these out and hopefully they can inspire some of you to take up DIYing for yourselves!

Printed Neon Cuff

I know I’m probably not the only one, but my wardrobe always seems to need a desperate boost of colour during the cool winter months. Don’t get me wrong – I love my black, gray, white, navy wardrobe staples but I’m a naturally warm blooded girl so need some flashes of colour here and there to lift not only my outfit but my mood! The easiest and least garish way to incorporate neon hues is through accessories and jewellery – my favourite!
After hedonistically checking through websites such as Net-a-Porter (it’s like a sadomasochistic ritual – garnering pleasure from clicking through beautiful items that I can’t afford…which is most definitely painful!), Planet Blue, ASOS etc I came across these amazing peruvian printed neon bangles.
There’s an amazing ribbon shop in Sham Shui Po called “Flying Dragon” (Shop D, G/F, No 217 Yu Chau St, Sham Shui Po) that literally have every kind of colour, print, design, fabric and size of ribbons (they can also make customised printed ribbons that are wicked for party-bags/ events). After popping by my lovely ribbon ladies in “Flying Dragon” and rifling through their shelves I found a gorgeous print with a hint of neon pink that I couldn’t resist not buying.
Just down the road from “Flying Dragon” is a great shop called “J & J Imitation Jewellery Co.” (No 215 Yu Chau St, Sham Shui Po) where you can find anything you could possibly need for making costume jewellery. Any kind of chain, bangle, cuff, hoop, pendant, wire, clip, hook or bead can be found in this treasure trove. Be warned- it is always busy and it is a bit of a messy cave however, rifling through the mess can prove to be fruitful – as I found on this particular occasion as I found a couple of great bangles.


It’s so unbelievably easy to make this cuff – all you need is ribbon, a cuff and a glue gun. I made a couple of bangles with Shanghai Tang/ Chinoiserie-inspired ribbon (which I’ll share at a later date) and was amazed by how quick and easy they are to make.

Once the glue gun is heated up, squeeze a dob onto the underside of the cuff. Working quickly, glue the ribbon (make sure the correct side, if there are two different sides, is facing outwards) onto the cuff. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the cuff and continue to squeeze the glue onto the underside of the cuff as you move along – sticking and wrapping as you go. Before you know it – voilà! Your cuff is complete!

Bondage Bangle

I absolutely love mixing pieces that are polar opposites – pastel shorts and a lace camisole with kinky lace-up leather ankle boots; a flirty maxi dress with lashings of leather & chain bangles. To cater to the hint of “rock chic” in me, I’ve been looking to make a bondage-inspired long bangle for ages. Sometimes you may only have a vague idea of an item of jewellery or piece of clothing that you’d like to acquire and amazingly that item will find its way to you. This happened to me when I was walking through Sham Shui Po (somewhere where inspiration can find you easily), in this great shop: “Ah Hing Garment Accessories Co” (G/F, 119B Nam Cheong St, on the corner with Yu Chau St, Sham Shui Po). This shop has loads of quirky laced, embellished, beaded, feathered goods. On this particular occasion I found a black “ribbon” (it’s not quite a ribbon but it’s in a long thin strip so for lack of a better word…) embellished with metalware.  It’s beautiful, badass and most definitely bondage!

Made similarly enough to the previous cuff, all you need is a glue gun. However, instead of wrapping it around the bangle (this “ribbon” doesn’t wrap because of the metal embellishment), I measured out strips of the “ribbon” and stuck them all down the bangle to create a bandage effect.

Bondage Queen Inspiration

I love love love DIY days and have so many more upcoming projects so there’ll be lots more to share with you all here soon. Hope you’re all able to indulge in some DIY yourselves – be sure to make whatever you want to make and put your own personal style into it!

xoxo    V.

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