New Year – New You – New Me

Happy New Year everyone!

A new year marks a new beginning and traditionally we make commitments to ourselves in the transition from one year to another. Now, I don’t deny that I, in the past like many of you, have made and broken many a new year’s resolution…however in the spirit of making this year as productive and enriching as possible I’ve decided to share my 10 resolutions (when it’s in writing it’s much more difficult to back out) that I think will help encourage self-improvement. Obviously I understand that the statistics are weighed against me in terms of completing all these goals; especially after looking at a research study that found whilst 52% of participants had all the best intentions and confidence of adhering to their resolutions, only 12% actually achieved their goals (brilliant odds). However, in spite of this information, I’ve decided to give it my best shot.

So here are my 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012:

1.  Take a picture a day for an entire year and be sure to upload a “collage” on this blog at the end of every week

2.  Strive to master my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas (Yes I understand that to some/most of you this sounds like a very “Amish” thing to say but resolution #3 will help explain and hopefully convince that it’s not a totally lame thing to say)

3.  Complete the plethora of DIY projects I continue to accumulate daily and post photos & how-to’s (of the successful ones) on this blog

4.  Be sure to exercise at least four times a week

5.  Re-acquaint myself with and practice my French, Spanish and Mandarin (using podcasts, audiobooks, old textbooks, unwilling & reluctant friends…whatever it takes!)

6.  Cook a meal for the family at least once a week

7.  And within that meal; master a new dish

8. Volunteer and increase my involvement in more philanthropic duties

9.  Take better care of my hair – i.e. more than two hair cuts a year

10.  Take a class and learn something new

I am really looking forward to the year ahead and whilst I know I’ve included quite a few clichés within that list, such as #4, #8 or #10; I can guarantee that there’ll be one cliché that definitely won’t find itself on my list – I most definitely will not be drinking any less (or more) than the previous years.
And on that note, I raise a glass to all of you and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

How many of you are making resolutions this year? What are your goals for 2012?

xoxo  V


One thought on “New Year – New You – New Me

  1. Pauline says:

    Well done Vanessa – looks like you are going to be busy! Chinese New Year coming up – how will you be celebrating the arrival of the year of the Dragon? Lots of love and happy sewing, cooking, exercising, learning………………………………….! xxxxx

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